House rules

House rules / Policies

Taking responsibility

Guests are financially responsible for causing any damage by breaking house rules and/or not using the guest house properly. House owner is not taking responsibility for guests’ property.


Check-in time is 3 PM, check-out time is 10AM. We kindly ask you to be silent between 10PM and 7AM. Please be aware that visitors and strangers are not allowed in the house. Loud parties are not allowed.

Use of the house equipments

Please use equipments properly. Please do not move any decorations or pictures. Please do not take any equipments (bed, mattrace, TV etc.) or household objects into the garden.


Guests get their rooms or apartment clean and they are responsible for its cleanliness during their stay. In case of a longer stay (more than a week) the housekeeper changes the linen and towels once a week. Daily cleaning is available on request (5000 HUF/day)

Placing garbage

Household garbage can be collected in room- or bathroom trash cans. If these get full, please take them to the big black garbage bin next to the gate. Recycled trash (paper, can, plastic) can be placed in the big yellow one. Glasses should be placed behind the yellow bin. Thank you.

Closing the building

When leaving the building and also overnight please lock the terrace and entrance doors and the small gate, too! You will need to pull the door handle up to be able to lock the entrance door.


Smoking in the building is strictly forbidden and penalty must be paid in case of smoking inside. Designated smoking area is the barbecue place (fire ring) in the back garden.

Setting fire, barbecuing

If you set fire, please comply with the fire safety rules. (Placing extinguishing agent next to fire, removing combustimble material.) Before leaving the fire place, please make sure that the fire is blown out completely. Burning any other material than the available wood and paper is strictly forbidden!


Please make sure you park your car in a way that does not block the other guests’ movements/parking.


Pets are not allowed in the house.


Garden is kept by the owner. Please take care of the plants and do not disturb the other guests’ rest.


In case of any malfunction or damage please contact the owner immediately:
Mariann Jobb
Thank you!

We wish you a pleasant stay!