Barbecue facility
Resting garden and playground
Several baby and children friendly services for the little ones

The Valley Guesthouse has an excellent position at the entrance to the Valley of the Beautiful Women in Eger.
The accommodation is located only 300 meters from the famous wine cellars and it’s open all year round.
In 15 minutes walking distance the city centre of Eger offers lots of activities for tourists.
Our Guesthouse was renovated in 2020. Everybody can find something suitable
room for their tastes and needs among several room types.
Easily accessible and in the immediate vicinity of the Valley of the Beautiful Women
Márai Active Touristic Visitor Centre offers a unique set of programs.


The history of our Guesthouse

We bought and operate the guesthouse as members of a circle of friends. We have known
each other for several decades, some of us have many years of foreign and ship hospitality
experience, some of us have already operated guesthouses. We all want to make use of our
knowledge and experience that we have acquired over the years. We are very happy that we
managed to purchase the guesthouse and our determined goal is to operate a guesthouse
with a pleasant, family atmosphere, which serves as a home for our guests during their stay
in Eger.

The house is constantly maintained, the location is excellent and easily accessible. The
proximity to the Valley of the Beautiful Women is priceless. Continuous entertainment and
cultural programs and divinely delicious food and wines await our visitors.

We also welcome families and groups of friends. As parents, we know how much it means if
the children can feel at home and keep themselves occupied when we are away. That’s why
we provide them with an outdoor playground and an indoor play corner, where there is
something to do for all ages. Children’s books can also be found in the corner of the library, if
you want to tell the little ones bedtime stories.